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week of 9/29 - 10/3

posted Sep 29, 2014, 4:36 AM by George Drinnin   [ updated Oct 2, 2014, 8:48 AM ]
   We will continue with our DNA unit this week, looking into the history of the discovery of everything we know about DNA. We will look at the scientists responsible for the knowledge we have of DNA on Monday and Tuesday. We will conduct an experiment to extract DNA from strawberries where students will be able to physically touch and see all the DNA of a strawberry. The rest of the week will be spent on the  structure and different parts of DNA through notes and plenty of drawings.
   This week at a glance (approx.)-
Monday 9/29: DNAvengers, DNA scientists made into superheros based off their work
Tuesday 9/30: continue DNAvengers
Wednesday 10/1: Strawberry DNA lab
Thursday 10/2: DNA notes, drawing different parts of DNA
Friday 10/3: DNA drawing project

   We will have a quiz on DNA structure and function, scientists, and certain things from macromolecules. That quiz will be on Thursday 10/9.