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week of 4/27 - 5/1

posted Apr 27, 2015, 7:51 AM by George Drinnin   [ updated Apr 13, 2016, 6:06 AM ]
It's almost May!!! 
  This last week of April, we will be wrapping up our animal kingdom unit with a test on Friday.
Honors kids will continue peer teaching their individual phyla throughout the week and take their test on Friday. General kid will continue to take notes and fill out their Animal Kingdom Book and turn that in on FRIDAY as well as take their test that same day.
  For the General kids, there is a lot of test points given on Friday and they should have taken full advantage of the 3 weeks given to work on their animal kingdom books to make that the best looking book I have ever seen. 

This week (approx)
Monday 4/27: honors : Mollusks present    Gen: chordate notes
Tuesday 4/28: honors: echinoderm present   Gen: echinoderm notes
Wednesday 4/29: honors: arthropod present    Gen: mollusk notes
Thursday 4/30: honors: chordate present     Gen: test review
Friday 5/1: Animal Kingdom test   and  Animal Kingdom book due 

Quizlet flashcards for vocab : A.K. Vocab