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week of 4/22 - 4/25

posted Apr 22, 2014, 4:57 AM by George Drinnin
This week we will be wrapping up our classification of life unit and our much loved dissections. Our last dissection will be of the chordates, animals with backbones (most of them). We will be looking at the internal and external anatomy of a pigeon, grassfrog, and a rat. The end of the week will bring on the Classification of Life Test and the student's Animal Kingdom Book all on Friday, April 25th. Make sure your student has taken a look at the rubric I loaded on last week's post to have all the items I will be grading in their A.K. Books. Next week we will be moving in to our last unit of Ecology. The juniors are taking the last NESA test on Wednesday and Thursday. We will have block scheduling on those days.
Our week's plan at a glance (approx) :

Monday 4/21: No School, Staff Work Day
Tuesday 4/22: 9 phyla working review stations, Test Review hand out
Wednesday 4/23: NESA Test, block schedule, Chordate Dissection
Thursday 4/24: NESA Test, block schedule, Chordate Dissection
Friday 4/25: Classification of Life Test, Animal Kingdom Book Due

Check out the Animal Kingdom Book rubric on last week's post!!!