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week of 4/14 - 4/18

posted Apr 14, 2014, 5:07 AM by George Drinnin   [ updated Apr 16, 2014, 5:05 AM ]
This week we will be covering the phyla mollusks (squid, octopus, clams, mussels) and echinodermata (sea stars, urchins, sea cucumbers). These animals have fascinating anatomy and even more fascinating behaviors. We will dissect squid, sea star and possibly clams on Tuesday. Make sure to ask your student about all the crazy stuff they see on Tuesday. On Wednesday, my freshman team will be taking a field trip to Durham Heritage Museum to see the exhibit 1968. Periods 1-4 will be gone on Wednesday. Our week at a glance (approx):

Monday 4/14: Mollusks and Echinodermata notes and videos
Tuesday 4/15: Mollusks and Echinodermata Dissection
Wednesday 4/16: Field Trip periods 1-4. Animal Kingdom work day.
Thursday 4/17: Chordate Introduction and videos
Friday 4/18: NO SCHOOL!!!!!

the animal kingdom booklet rubric is attached below! it is 140 SUMMATIVE points so make sure you have all the required sections to get an easy 140 points!!!