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week of 1/5 - 1/9

posted Jan 5, 2015, 7:30 AM by George Drinnin
     Welcome back!!!! A brand new year starts with new year resolutions, new goals and more new awesome biology units!
     We will start off the years talking about mitosis, body cell or somatic cell division. It's the reason you never run out of skin cells or your hair continues to grow every day. We will discuss why cell size is important to sending and receiving information from the nucleus in our talks about surface area to volume ratio. Mitosis in all it's glory will be discussed along with all the phases found during these phases. Then we will touch base on cancer cells and what happens when cancer forms and why it forms.

Our week at a glance (approx.):
Monday 1/5: Intro into new semester, telephone game and discuss cell size
Tuesday 1/6: Intro to SA to Volume ratio, Alka Seltzer Lab
Wednesday 1/7: Intro to Mitosis
Thursday 1/8: SA to Volume and Mitosis worksheets, start Mitosis Foldable
Friday 1/9: Mitosis Foldable

**Important note**
During the second semester, I will not be offering retakes on any test or quiz taken. I hope that students have picked up successful ways in which to study for tests and it will help prepare them for next year which will not offer many, if any, retakes for summative scores.