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week of 1/12 - 1/16

posted Jan 12, 2015, 6:09 AM by George Drinnin   [ updated Apr 13, 2016, 7:53 AM ]
  This week we will begin by finishing covering mitosis through a number of worksheets given in class. We will then begin covering cancer. We will go into what causes cancer on the genetic level and also environmental causes as well. I get quite a few questions throughout the week about cancer and I try my best to answer as many as possible, but I always remind the students I don't have an M.D. behind my name.
   We will have a test this Friday, the 16th, over Mitosis and Cancer. Study the material well and all throughout the week to prepare for the test. There will be NO re-takes this semester!

The week's plan (approx.)
Monday 1/12: Mitosis worksheets in class
Tuesday 1/13: E-Bio Handout Cancer Article, start Cancer Guided Notes
Wednesday 1/14: Finish Cancer Guided Notes, cancer animations
Thursday 1/15: Review for Mitosis/Cancer Test
Friday 1/16: Mitosis/Cancer Test