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week of 11/17 - 11/21

posted Nov 17, 2014, 6:28 AM by George Drinnin
    This week we will be looking at organelles of different cells. These are probably something that the kids have all seen before which will make it that much better when it comes to test them on it. We are going to start the week by looking at the test from Friday and going over it. I have decided that instead of a retake, I will give the kids a chance to take the test with open notes and open book. I will average their two scores and put that in the grade book. We want the kids to retain the information so we think that the work done in the book and through their notes will benefit them in retaining the information.
    The rest of the week will be working on getting to know the organelles through various activities and book worksheets. There will be a quiz on Friday over organelles that should prove a great opportunity for the students to raise their test scores up.

This week at a glance (approx):
Monday 11/17: go over Bacteria/Virus quiz
Tuesday 11/18: Continue from Friday Organelle flashcards, Start Organelle Instagram
Wednesday 11/19: Organelle Research wrksheet, Draw analogies
Thursday 11/20: Finish analogies and Review
Friday 11/21: Organelle Quiz, Intro to Photosynthesis