About Me

email : george.drinnin@plcschools.org
High School : Omaha Northwest High School, '06

: Dana College, University of Nebraska Omaha '10

Athletics summary
:  I played 4 years of college football at Dana College and I also competed in track and field in both indoor and outdoor seasons. I threw the discus, weight throw and hammer throw. I made the National Indoor and Outdoor Track Meet three times in the weight throw and hammer throw.

Teaching experience : Elkhorn Mount Michael - 2010, 2011-12
                                      Papillion LaVista South High School - 2012-present

Coaching experience : Elkhorn Mount Michael - 2010, 2011, 2012
                                       Papillion LaVista South High School - 2012-present

Hobbies : watching/playing sports, learning about new things in science, playing video games (Assassin's Creed series, NCAA football series), cooking big dinners for all my family members, playing with my nephews and niece. I love to go hunting, fishing and trap shooting even though I am not very good.

Personal : I have two older siblings. My sister is a physical therapist assistant and married with two kids. My brother works for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Chicago, Il. He is married with one son, Drew. My father recently retired from 35 years of teaching, most spent at Omaha Northwest High School and was my biggest influence to get into education. He currently coaches football at Elkhorn South. My mother has worked at Boystown in the elementary for the past 20 odd years. She has been a great source of motivation for me.
   I am married to my wife, Robin. She is a pharmacist in Gretna. My wife and I are very happy to be living here in Papillion. We have a dog named Gus. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog and he is a giant 100+ lb. ball of energy. We have two sons together, George and Joey. 

Reason I love biology : Biology is everywhere!!!! You find it outside, in the animals, and even in your body! There are so many different aspects of biology and different applications that the opportunities to learn something new every day is endless! One of the thing that got me really interested in biology and human biology was learning how the numerous parts of your kidneys filter your blood to form urine. It is fascinating to me how microscopic cells in your body work together to maintain homeostasis in your body.
  Biology is AWESOME!!!!