week of 5/20 - 5/24

posted May 20, 2019, 5:20 AM by George Drinnin   [ updated May 23, 2019, 6:06 AM ]

Monday we present our Mission to Mars project and then start our review for the final!

Finals schedule is as follows: 
Friday 24th- periods 1, 2, 5    Tuesday 28th- periods 6, 7, 5    Wednesday 29th- periods 3, 4
   students released 1:10                          students released 1:10                        students released 11:15 

Review help:

week of 5/13 - 5/17

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This whole week will be dedicated to constructing our Martian habitat for our last STEM project of the year. 

Encourage your students to work hard and go above and beyond for this project. This will be a 150 point test graded project.

The review for the final is posted on my website the week before this.

Monday 13th -- Friday 17th: Mission to Mars STEM project

Won't take very long and it helps me become a better teacher. 


posted May 7, 2019, 8:22 AM by George Drinnin

week of 5/6 - 5/10

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This week we will discuss what makes a planet habitable and the habitable zone around all stars. We will be introducing our last STEM project on Friday.

Our plan (approx)
Monday 6th: What is habitable zone? demo and article
Tuesday 7th: Research exoplanets
Thursday 9th: cont create a planet/solar system

week of 4/30 - 5/3

posted Apr 29, 2019, 8:05 PM by George Drinnin

We move on to a stars life cycle in stellar evolution and look into the somewhat complicated HR Diagrams at the end of the week!

Our plan (approx)
Monday 29th: Element activity; look into fusion
Tuesday 30th: Stellar evolution notes/videos
Wednesday 1st: Stellar evolution foldable
Thursday 2nd: HR Diagram activity
Friday 3rd: cont HR Diagram activity

week of 4/23 - 4/26

posted Apr 22, 2019, 7:52 PM by George Drinnin

We will wrap up the Big Bang this week with a quiz on Friday. Before that though you will all make awesome baby books for my two boys: Big Bang for Babies!!

Our plan (approx):
Tuesday 23rd: Big Bang for Babies
Wednesday 24th: finish Big Bang for Babies
Thursday 25th: short review over Big Bang
Friday 26th: Big Bang Quiz; Atoms/Elements/Forces notes

week of 4/15 - 4/18

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We are starting our FINAL UNIT OF THE YEAR!!!! 
This unit is one of my favorites to teach, Astronomy! It is awe-inspiring to learn just how much "stuff" is out there in the universe. We will be covering the Big Bang Theory, chemistry, stars life cycle, and habitability.
*In this unit, I will teach about the Big Bang. In no way am I trying to change anyone's personal beliefs while teaching the topic.*

Our plan (approx):
Monday 15th: Universe pre-test; video "Beginning of Everything"
Tuesday 16th: BBT article with questions; highlight evidences for Big Bang

week of 4/8 - 4/12

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This week we will finish up our cancer section with a small quiz and begin learning about stem cells and cloning.

Our plan (approx):
Monday 8th: Cancer review
Tuesday 9th: Cancer baby quiz; stem cell intro
Wednesday 10th: Stem cell notes
Thursday 11th: GoGo Stem Cell Activity
Friday 12th: Stem cell bioethics discussion

week of 4/1 - 4/5

posted Apr 1, 2019, 10:53 AM by George Drinnin

We expand our unit on cell division and look into cancer.

Our plan (approx):
Monday 1st: Cancer notes
Wednesday 3rd: Cancer timeline; Cancer handout
Thursday 4th: Cancer Research (second box)
Friday 5th: Cancer treatment Research (third box)

week of 3/25 - 3/29

posted Mar 24, 2019, 7:07 PM by George Drinnin

We continue our adventure into mitosis with a few modeling activities and microscope work. We will end our week with a MITOSIS QUIZ ON FRIDAY, MARCH 29TH.

Our plan (approx.)
Monday 25th: Oreo Mitosis lab
Tuesday 26th: Plant/Animal mitosis microscope lab
Wednesday 27th: Create a Mitosis game
Thursday 28th: Play game in class / review for quiz
Friday 29th: Mitosis Quiz

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